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Welcome to Xusheng's personal website of air-sickness bags.

As a result of being engaged in graphic design and being passionate about travel, especially since 2009, I've been more interested in the different kinds of air-sickness bags you find behind the seats on planes. It may seem a little strange, but actually I am attracted by their various sorts of designs. Nowadays, air-sickness bags are less and less used for their original function. Instead, they have become a kind of product of travel culture. It is also one of the few things that can be taken away from a foreign country's airline as a kind of souvenir. Gradually, it became my hobby. So far, I have collected 2673different sickness bags from 764airlines from 147countries & areas.

I will try to share with you some special designs and hope you will like them. The information I have gathered about the airlines came from other collector's websites and/or some professional magazines. However, it may have some mistakes and I would ask that you do not take the information I provide about the airlines as your guide to the overall quality or reliability of any airline. If you do find any mistakes or errors, please contact me so that I can correct them.

I really appreciate my classmates, friends, family, net friends and also other foreign collectors for helping and supporting me. Its these people that have made my collection more substantial both physically and mentally. I am always looking for more sickness bags to add to my collection and would be very glad to exchange with other collectors as well as accepting any bags that people would like to donate to my collection. If you have some air-sickness bags to exchange or donate, please click "Contact" to get in touch with me.

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Last update 14.July 2024